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Bay Harbor Foundation Grants Awarded

Since 2004, the Bay Harbor Foundation has awarded over $1.8 million in grants to 102 nonprofit organization in the Little Traverse Bay Area.


Organizations that Have Benefitted from the Bay Harbor Foundation

American Heart Association
Association for Harbor Arts
Barbara Ann Karmanos Center
Bay Harbor Ice Festival
Bay Harbor Concours D’Elegance
Big Brothers of Northwest Michigan
Blissfest Music Organization
Boyne Area Alano Club
Brother Dan's Food Pantry
C. S. Lewis Festival. Inc.
Camp Daggett
Challenge Mountain
Char-Em Unite Way
Charlevoix Area Hospital
Charlevoix Circle of Arts
Charlevoix County Community Foundation
Charlevoix Historical Society
Charlevoix Humane Society
Child & Family Services
Christ Child Society
Community Against Substance Abuse
Contemporary Learning Systems
Conservation Resource Alliance
Council of Michigan Foundations
Crooked Tree Arts Council
Dream Builders
Emmet County Animal Shelter
Emmet County Care Facility
Exceptional Riders
Friendship Centers - Emmet County
Girls on the Run
Girl Scouts of Crooked Tree
Good Samaritan Family Services
Grace Baptist Firman Foundation
Great Lakes Boat Building School
Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra
Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue
Harbor Hall Foundation
Harbor Springs Education Foundation
Hospice of Little Traverse Bay

Hospice of Northwest Michigan
Inland Seas Education Association
Interlochen Center for the Arts
Jordan River Arts Council
Junior Achievement of the Great Lakes
Little Traverse Conservancy
Little Traverse Choral Society
Little Traverse Civic Theatre
Little Traverse Regional Historical Society
Little Traverse Humane Society
Little Traverse Sailors Association
Manna Food Project
Michigan Hemingway Society
Maritime Heritage Alliance
Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship
Michigan Land Use Institute Emmet County
Miriam Behling Scholarship Fund Golf Event
Nehemiah House
North Central Michigan College Foundation
North Central Michigan College Scholarship Fund
Northern Michigan Cancer Crusaders
Northern Michigan Community Mediation
Northern Michigan Regional Hospital
Northern Michigan Regional Hospital Foundation
Operation Thanksgiving
Orion Program
Petoskey Regional Chamber Leadership Program
Petoskey-Harbor Springs Community Foundation 
Petoskey Marching Band
Petoskey Public Schools
Raven Hill Discovery Center
Salvation Army
Bay Harbor Foundation Scholar Program (142 awarded) 
Spirit Day Camp
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
Top of Michigan Trails Council
Women's Resource Center
YMCA of Northern Michigan


Amount Recommended: $4,245.00

Challenge Mountain

Mission Statement:  Challenge Mountain is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enriching and improving lives for the mentally and physically challenged through outdoor recreation.

Statement of Need:  Challenge Mountain is in need of some adaptive bikes to be used on their trails as well as the other trail systems in northern Michigan. Due to the cost of adaptive equipment their clients cannot afford this sport. They are proposing to purchase the equipment for use by their clients.  Bikes for adaptive needs run in price from $2,000 - $12,000 depending on the type and what kind of trails they are built for. Their first goal is to purchase a tandem bike for use with children and blind persons who need a guide. They would also like to purchase a hand powered, tri-cycle for use by paraplegics or amputees. Both of these bikes can be used on mountain trails as well as paved trails.

Project Cost: $6,000.00

Amount Requested: $5,000.00

Amount Recommended: Cost of handicapped bicycles, up to $5,000.00

Charlevoix Area Hospital Foundation

Mission Statement: The Charlevoix Area Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to raise, manage and distribute donations to support the mission of the Hospital and the people we serve.

Statement of Need:  The Charlevoix Area Hospital Foundation is requesting funding to equip nine schools in our region with the supplies and equipment they need to fully implement the School Nurse Project initiated last year.  The Charlevoix Area Hospital has hired and placed registered nurses within area schools on a timeline as appropriate for each district/school. After several meetings with school superintendents and principals, they report that all are enthusiastic about the real potential for great service to our school aged children throughout the county. To date, nurses have been placed in the following area schools: Charlevoix, East Jordan, Northwest Academy, St. Mary’s, Ellsworth, Bellaire, Central Lake, Boyne Falls and Boyne Concord. The Charlevoix Area Hospital Foundation believes that healthy children are successful learners. The school nurse has a multifaceted role within the school setting, one that supports the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of students and their success in the learning process.

In particular, this grant will assist in achieving the following goals:

1. Improve the overall health of the children served through screenings, nutritional counseling and other related wellness offerings.

2. Provide experienced, qualified health professionals on site to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of minor ailments, accidents, etc.

3. Provide counsel to teachers to help them watch for health warning signs in their students, manage medication distribution and assist with wellness for teachers as well.

Project Cost:  $23,967.00

Amount Requested:  $5,326.00

Amount Recommended:  $5,326.00

Christ Child Society

Mission Statement: To promote the well-being of the young people of Northern Michigan…without regard to race, religion or political affiliations.

Statement of Need: The Christ Child Society is requesting funding to help provide food and clothing, including boots and shoes, as well as toys and gifts, to local children in need at Christmastime.  The Christmas Shopping Project is an on-going, member-intensive endeavor. Committee Chair, Monica Crawford, coordinates a large group of the Christ Child membership who, with "wish lists" in hand, shop for local children each Christmas season. More than 50 "shoppers" participated last year, volunteering their time for this holiday project.

Project Cost for Christmas 2013:  $30,000.00

Amount Requested:  $6,000.00

Amount Recommended:  $3,000.00 – Further funding waiting for 501 (c)(3) determination status from the IRS.  Grant funding will be put into escrow until status has been confirmed.

Citizen’s Dispute Resolution Services

Mission Statement:  The mission of Northern Community Mediation is to help people in Charlevoix and Emmet Counties resolve conflicts.

Statement of Need:  Northern Community Mediation is seeking funding from the Bay Harbor Foundation to help subsidize the following youth programs: Child Protection Mediation (CDP); Victim- Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP); First-Time. Offender Shoplifting Program; Preventative Shoplifting Program; Access & Visitation (ACVS); and School Attendance Mediation Program. Each of these programs benefits area youths in a unique way. Based upon a cost analysis, operational expenses for these programs is $64,879 per year, whereas revenue totals $61,332 per year, leaving a deficit of $3,547

CDP cases protect children who have been victimized through abuse and/or neglect. CDP cases that go through mediation rather than the formalized, court process are settled 14 to 17 months sooner. While placement is being determined, the child is placed in foster care. The cost per child per day ranges from $25.00 to $49.22. For 14 months, this calculates between $10,625 and $20,918.50 per child. For 17 months, the cost ranges from $12,875.00 to $25,348.30. Based upon an average cost per child per day of $37.11, the cost for 63 children in foster care per year is $853,344.45. Equally as important as the financial savings, however, is the emotional well-being of the child. Common sense, as well as psycho logical research, indicates that children who have a permanent home have a greater sense of security than those who do not. Additionally, the Child Protection Mediation process helps the biological parents adapt so that they do not necessarily lose their parental rights. When parental rights are terminated, however, the parents gain insight into the fact that what is happening is in the best interest of their child or children.

For the ease of reading this request, a list of acronyms is provided below:

ACVS – Access & Visitation Mediation Program (Parenting Time)

CDP – Child Protection Mediation

VORP Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program

Project Cost: $64,879.00

Amount Requested: $3,547.00

Amount Recommended: $3,547.00

Crooked Tree Arts Center

Mission Statement:  To create, stimulate and perpetuate the arts in Northern Michigan. We offer exhibits, concerts, classes, lectures, special events and so much more.

Statement of Need:  The Crooked Tree Arts Center is requesting funding from the Bay Harbor Foundation’s support of the 2013 Youth Arts Scholarship Fund of the Crooked Tree Arts Center. A grant from the Bay Harbor Foundation would provide scholarship support for all of the arts educational opportunities offered by Crooked Tree Arts Center (CTAC) throughout the year. Over 800 students are enrolled in music, art, literary, theater and dance programs each year. 

The Educational Program reaches all ages, and families of all sizes. On average, the level of income for families applying for scholarship support is less than $25,000 per year. The average fee to enroll in a 17 week dance class is $220, and families earning less than $25,000 pay $55 for the class, with the CTAC Scholarship Fund providing the balance of $165. The rental cost for a violin is $16 per month, and a family qualifying for a 75% scholarship pays $4 per month.

The Arts Center is proud of the achievement of the students. The dance program has garnered national awards and recognition as well as individual dancers. The Youth Orchestra has provided advanced training for students as they embark on their college careers in music performance and music education. Scholarship assistance would not only help these high achieving students, but also the beginners in all of the classes offered by CTAC.

Project Cost: $30,000.00

Amount Requested: $7,500.00

Amount Recommended: $3,000.00

Friendship Centers of Emmet County

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to ensure that all senior citizens have the opportunities, information and services necessary to live healthy, safe and active lives in dignity.

Statement of Need: From the 2000 to 2010 census, the number of older adults in Emmet County has increased by 31%. Many seniors try to survive on Social Security, which often times is not enough to maintain the normal expense of living, let alone emergency expenses, making them especially vulnerable when unexpected challenges arise. Emmet County residents age 60 and older, often seek out the Friendship Center as a primary source of information and assistance. Many view FCEC as their first stop for help. The needs of our senior community are varied and great. Since the Senior Essential Needs Fund's genesis in 2009, FCEC has been able to assist financially disadvantaged seniors with a wide variety of emergency needs, from the repair of a failed well system to furnace replacement and vehicle repairs, as well as support for seniors on a limited income overwhelmed with prescription costs, mortgage payments, and other expenses. Having this Fund allows the FCEC to provide the help that is needed when all other avenues of financial assistance have been exhausted.

FCEC's objective in replenishing the Senior Essential Needs Fund is to stand ready to confidently address senior needs as they arise. This alternative source of funding for area seniors empowers FCEF staff to reach out with resources that are otherwise not available. Receiving a grant in the amount of $5,000 would allow FCEC to respond quickly and effectively to help seniors who face unexpected hardship.

Project Cost: $6,000.00         

Amount Requested: $6,000.00

Amount Recommended: $6,000.00

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra

Mission Statement: To produce live orchestral performances providing entertainment, education and inspiration for our northern Michigan community.

Statement of Need: The Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra would like to produce a concert in Bay Harbor. This would be a live orchestral performance providing entertainment, education and inspiration for our Northern Michigan and Bay Harbor community and will continue to build the relationship and audience between Bay Harbor and the GLCO by providing world-class music right here at home.  These funds will be spent on contracted services for the Professional musicians, Guest Conductor and the GLCO support staff in preparation and implementation of this performance.

The arts are critical to a healthy and vital community. Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra fills an important role in providing high quality arts experiences. The response to community need for the arts has been addressed dramatically by the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra past performances and community outreach activities. The GLCO is centered in the Little Traverse Bay area but serves a significantly larger geographic area that includes cities, towns and villages from Traverse City to the Mackinaw Bridge and from the Lake Michigan coast at Charlevoix to Alpena on the shore of Lake Huron.

Total Project Cost: $20,380.00

Amount Requested: $10,000.00

Amount Recommended: $5,000.00

Manna Food Project

Mission Statement: To assure that not one person in our distribution area is hungry.  As a warehouse, we distribute to pantries in Emmet, Charlevoix and Antrim Counties.  Visitors to those pantries receive food products at no charge.

Statement of Need:  The Manna Food Project Food 4 Kids Backpack program is requesting $15,000.00 from the Bay Harbor Foundation to assist in providing children with food for the weekend. For the 2012-2013 school year, the Manna Food Project is focusing on two areas:

1.) To improve the nutritional content of food items offered to the children while staying within the other parameters of the program: kid-friendly both in taste and ease of preparation; shelf stable food items; remain budget-conscious to keep the overall cost of the program in line. It is expected that the improvement in the nutritional value of the food items is going to increase the cost of the program. Although food items received from Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank, the major supplier for The Manna Food Project, are very inexpensive, many are considered to have poor nutritional quality. The Manna staff is working with several area businesses and wholesalers to secure special pricing on large quantities of items needed for the program.

2.) To make sure the program is available and utilized by all schools in Emmet, Charlevoix, and Antrim counties. There were a couple schools not participating in 2011-12 due to staffing challenges. The Manna Food Project has since identified volunteers who will help the schools with the distribution of backpacks.  New Head Start sites will also be joining the program for 2012-13.

The goal is to make sure that no one in northern Michigan is going hungry due to lack of food. In 2011, over 2,050,000 pounds of food was distributed out of The Manna Food Bank through pantries to families needing assistance in our 3-county service area.

Project Cost: $195,951.00

Amount Requested: $15,000.00

Amount Recommended: $15,000.00

Petoskey Robotics

Mission Statement:  To inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that will build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-round life capabilities, including self-confidence, leadership and communications.

Statement of Need:  The Petoskey High School Robotics teams are requesting funding from the Bay Harbor Foundation to purchase a trailer and tools. In the past the teams have always borrowed this equipment. Now that they have experienced a few years, they need a more permanent home to help stabilize the teams and give a better sense of ownership. A trailer is needed to attend competitions throughout the state as the FRC robot is large and cumbersome. At the tournaments the teams set up mini workshops so they can fix problems and issues that come up during the competition

The US FIRST robotics program brings an element that has been missing in our education program. It affords students the opportunity to have hands-on experiential learning in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and math). It gives them the leg up that other schools downstate have had for years. It allows the students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-life situations, and exposes them to new college and career possibilities. The FTC team at the middle school has 18 opening this year and the FRC team at the high school has 30openings for students. Each team also participates on the marketing pieces of the program, such as doing demonstrations at schools and businesses, maintaining a team webpage, communicating with other teams from across the country, and even simply cheerleading and spreading the word about FIRST robotics. 

The goal of the program is to engage students in mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. This is the second year for the Middle School Team G3 and the third year for the High School Team Paladins.

Project Cost: $27,300.00

Amount Requested: $6,400.00

Amount Recommended: $2,600.00 to purchase a trailer

Second Chance Ranch and Rescue

Mission Statement:  Second Chance Ranch and Rescue exists to provide assistance to neglected or abandoned horses and other large farm animals in Northern Michigan.  When resources are available, we also offer assistance to large animals whose owners can no longer support them due to financial hardship.  SCRR also strives to educate the public on the importance of population control, preventative health care, and training of large animals.

Statement of Need: SCRR is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of large animals in Northern Michigan.  Animal control seizures are our first priority, but when resources and space permit we also accept neglected or abandoned animals brought by private citizens and animals whose owners can no longer care for them due to financial hardship.

They are not the humane society.  They do not accept animals just because they are unwanted or have become an inconvenience.  They do not accept baby animals because they were ‘unplanned’.  They are not a ‘no kill’ organization.  Unfortunately, with large animal rescue the saying ‘you can’t save them all’ applies.  Animals that are determined to have painful, incurable medical conditions or those large animals determined to have emotional and social issues that are not amenable to rehabilitation are humanely euthanized.  They do NOT euthanize due to overcrowding issues.  SCRR only accepts animals that it has the resources to support.

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition has told SCRR that they are one of only two rescues in the area with space available. They have a supportive board and space available and our support will help us feed these malnourished animals.

Project Cost: $10,000

Amount Requested:  $10,000.00

Amount Recommended:  $4,500 ($2,000.00 already distributed – Fall 2012 to assist with local farmers’ needs due to drought)

Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan

Mission Statement:  The Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan is committed to equality, justice and the well-being of women.  To that end, we will engage our community and encourage all to work with us toward those goals.

Statement of Need:  The purpose of this grant request is to provide Children's Learning Center scholarships to reduce the childcare costs for working single mothers and low income families which is often the catalyst for them to maintain their employment and/or continue their education to obtain/maintain self-sufficiency.

The goal of the project is to provide an opportunity to reduce the childcare costs of working single mothers and low income families which is often the catalyst for them to maintain their employment and/or continue their education. It also gives them peace of mind, knowing their child is protected and nurtured while in our care. The CLC offers childcare to all enrolled families at a lower cost than most facilities, in an effort to realize the agency's vision to give the highest quality educational programming to all that enter. But as the financial challenges multiply for the families they serve, it becomes increasingly more difficult for parents to pay for childcare for their children. The struggle for single mothers to provide for their families is often the hardest, as they alone are responsible for all that their family needs.

Annually, the CLC provides services to about 100 families. The service is fee based and each family enrolls their child based on their individual needs. Historically, the WRC has found that about 15-20% of their enrolled families may require scholarship assistance for various reasons at some time during a year. Every family contributes to their daycare cost, and based on family need and circumstances scholarships ranging from S25 to $100 a week may be granted.

CLC scholarships have been supported annually using various direct funds that have been granted to the agency through private donors, a family foundation, civic groups and a giving circle fund. Each year for the past two years. $6.000 has been distributed. This grant application seeks $3,000 to offset funding from a source no longer available. Ongoing funding of this project will continue to be supported by private donations.

Project Cost: $9,000.00

Amount Requested: $3,000.00

Amount Recommended: $3,000.00

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