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  A Message From Our Chairman

Are you suffering from cabin fever?  Are you tired of the constant stream of “experts” telling you how to occupy your time while social distancing?  If so, I have some light at the end of the tunnel for you to ponder.

Your Foundation is in full planning mode preparing for the week of June 22 through June 27.  That is the week in which the Foundation conducts its most significant external fund raising events of the year.  The week will begin with the golf outing on June 22, followed by the Car and Boat Festival June 25 through 27, culminating with the Baynanza Gala on June 27. Details of these events appear in our Spring Newsletter to pique your interest.

Count me as an optimist in assuming that COVID-19 will be well down the road to defeat by the time our big week comes nearly three months from now.  In the meantime, I’d be immensely thankful if you can direct some spare dollars to the Foundation to assist the less fortunate, and they are many, in the Little Traverse Bay region during this period of hardship.Blessings,Dave FrescolnChairman of the Board, Bay Harbor Foundation


Dave Frescoln
Chairman of the Board, Bay Harbor Foundation


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